PRIDE That Perfect Girl Is Gone
jaydthemermaid: Your experience sounds like it was traumatizing. I am so sorry.

It was. I was standing there hoping I could help in some way and I couldn’t.

joeyanyas: I'm actually leaving for Florida tomorrow! So we'll be in the same state!

WHAT! That’s so cool! I’m leaving Friday! Are you going to the park? If so we might be there the same day

Anonymous: tyler oakley sucks dick


yes that’s correct 
your dads dick



When my mom gives me the phone to talk to my relatives


When your phone rings at all ever

(Send me a message I can’t reply to replies)

Anonymous: When is Allison back? Next week?

I’m sort of kinda back. I don’t have my computer till Friday night.

I need new TUMBLR friends. One is causing so much shit that I need out. So hiiiiii people

Today I was about to get on test track. I had scanned my magic band and was all set. The car I’m supposed to gets in has two people screaming and crying. I look over and the guy in the front middle room is seizing. I’m standing there helpless as can be and I’m shaking. About twenty minutes later they get him off and take him to the hospital. The crew members exited all of the people on the ride so they didn’t have to see what was going on. It was the most terrifying experience I have ever had.

So in the past four days I’ve seen a mom having to leave the park because her child was kidnapped. A woman having a heart attack and another lady broke her leg. Also got stuck in splash mountain on the hill and went down without the water.

It’s been a cool day. I just feel so, like, grown up… being in a house now. I don’t know, I’m just happy! I think this is honestly the nicest house I’ve ever lived in and I just feel really happy. And especially to be living with two of my closest friends, so yeah! So excited! [x]

"Hi, my name is Troye Sivan and judging by my skin tone and exhausted appearance, i’m sure you can tell that i’m a internet person."

Hi chann. You need snapchats. I am snapping pics of Disney.